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Cherry mini turnovers President’s Day National Cherry Pie Day!

National cherry pie day and George Washington pie story,  it seems a perfect excuse to make anything with cherries!
In honor of President’s Day,  I made cherry turnover treats mini bite size, with different styles of shapes.  What is important is the pie crust, when rolling pie dough do not over flour,   sprinkle your work area lightly with flour and the result will be a flakey pie crust.
I tried many pie crust recipes before and this is one of the best.  Very easy cherry recipe,  makes a nice treat.  Takes about 30 minutes to make and 12-15 minutes to bake.
Cherry pie also reminds me of “Twin Peaks”,  television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.  Before the show would start,  we had our cup of coffee and pie ready to enjoy, thanks to FBI agent Dale Cooper with his love for a good cherry pie!
World’s Flakiest Pie Crust Recipe
ingredients for pie crust
Pie crust recipe:  Epicurean pie crust link
Ingredients: Pre-heat oven 350 Bake 12-15 minutes or until golden brown
2 cans of Comstock original Country Cherry COMSTOCK pie filling
1 egg white  to close turnover ( mix with 1/2 teaspoon water)
mixture  cinnamon and sugar as a sprinkle topping
After making your pie dough,  roll dough to your desire shapes.  For mini turnover, add a tablespoon or teaspoon of cherries to your roll out dough.  Using a knife to cut your shapes of your cherry treats.   Fold dough over your cherries, using with pastry brush and brush along the edge of the dough,  using a small fork, press edges to close making sure cherry juice will not leak.  Place turnovers on a cookie sheet pan that is covered with parchment paper (optional) or  dust cookie sheet with flour.
You can also make mini cherry pies using a cupcake  pan. Grease and flour cupcake pan.   Using a medium circle cutter, cut shapes of circles in dough, and place cut dough into cupcake pan pressing lightly.  Add 2 tablespoons of cherries to each cup.
Make cut stars or cut another circle for the topping, as seen in the photo. Before  baking brush an egg white wash over each cherry treat and sprinkle cherry treats with cinnamon and sugar.

Enjoy !


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