Marshmallows Giant Pops on a stick, St. Patrick Day treat



Mint flavor with bits of peppermint candies

Need  a cute treat for kids?  Marshmallows on a stick is a fun activity to make.  I used gigantic marshmallows, made a few for my friends kids. S’mores on a stick is a flame roasted marshmallow covered in chocolate and top with bits of graham cracker. Be creative with your kids and enjoy the day making marshmallow on a stick!

S’Mores with Graham cracker bits and double dark chocolate

Another  style is made of double dark chocolate covered in chocolate chips. I also made some in green using Candy Melts for St. Patrick Day.


1 bag of mini chocolate chips

1 bag of marshmallows any size

1 bag of Candy Melts

1 bag of lollipop sticks  No sticks? Use pretzel sticks

sprinkles any color to your liking

a few Graham crackers

candy bits

chopped nuts

colored sugars

Marshmallows comes in many sizes


Insert a stick or pretzel into the marshmallow,  stop at the center of the marshmallow.  Heat Chocolate chips in a bowl (follow direction on

package).  Dip the marshmallow into the  melted  chocolate or candy melt and cover the entire marshmallow.  Roll marshmallow in your favorite topping or just sprinkle chopped nuts, candies or cookies.  Refrigerate for 1 hour in your freezer.

You can store these marshmallow pops in bags.   I found the bags at Target, near the party section and also at Michael’s.

covered in Mini Chocolate chips and sprinkles





Treats, ready to be given away!

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