A Perfect Cubano Mojito

A real Cubano Mojito on a hot summer day, makes you think you are on a vacation. The original Cuban style is the best.  I’ve seen coconut mojitos,  my friend Rachel swears it’s the best!  Champagne mojitos are turning up at brunches as ” Royal Mojito”.  Watermelon mojitos has a fantastic flavor!
A Japanese restaurant had a saki mojito,  now that is not a mojito since there is no rum!
I read that in Cuba,  yerba buena ( cousin to mint )  was used instead of mint leaves.  Everyone has their best Mojito recipe,  and there are plenty out there. Whatever recipe you desire is the recipe for your mojitos! There is just something about fresh lime and fresh mint like a perfect marriage!

Basic ingredients for  making a Mojito

1.25 oz white Rum ( a good rum )
3 drops of Angostura Bitters
bunch fresh sprigs mint leaves
1 tablespoon sugar or use a simple syrup or raw brown sugar (guarapo original sugar cane juice  used in Cuba )
0.05 oz fresh lime juice lime wedges
2 oz  club soda ( dash of soda )
1 tall glass
plenty of crush ice

Try using champagne instead of soda for Sunday brunch.
Crush mint using a mortar to release mint fragrant oils.  Mint has a wonderful flavor on its own.

Mix mint,  lime and muddle it.  Muddle the mint only enough to bruise the leaves,  as it releases menthol without the bitterness.

Place mint and lime wedges in the bottom of the glass.  Using a shaker, adding crushed ice, rum, sugar, lime juice  and 3 drops of Angostura Bitters.   Add  soda water and into a shaker and shake for a 10 seconds.  Pour into your tall glass with lime,  mint and crush ice.  Garnish with any of the following,  mint leaves,  lime slices, stick of sugar cane or a tropical flower.

Sugar cane sticks adds a nice touch to stir the Mojito.

Make your own simple syrup.  Dissolve 2 cups sugar per one cup water stir and skim off the top.   The syrup will keep in your refrigerator all summer long.  This syrup is also great for ice tea or juleps .  Cold summer drinks that are very refreshing are made with simple syrup,  even Japanese ice  green tea.

Pure sugar cane syrup

Monin Pure Cane Syrup, a premium simple syrup made with American pure cane sugar. Monin Pure Cane Syrup is an easy to use substitute for regular table sugar as it dissolves instantly in hot and chilled beverages,  for incredible versatility in non alcoholic beverages and cocktails alike.

Enjoy your long hot summer days with an ice cold refreshing out of this world Cuban Mojito. <3

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  1. Bestfoodies

    I love the idea of champagne instead of soda! I usually leave the soda out anyways so this would be great. Looks good!

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